Please read the following terms and conditions of use of this website (www.referencehomes.com) (the "SITE"). Every person or entity that uses the services offered on this SITE or accesses the SITE by any means is deemed to accept the following terms and conditions of use.  





The services offered on this SITE are provided by SIMURGH GAYRİMENKUL İNŞAAT YATIRIM TURİZM TİCARET VE SANAYİ LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (Mersis No: 0769228138000001) (hereinafter referred to as 'Reference Homes') located at 2754 Kızılarık. Sk No:1, 07310 Muratpaşa/Antalya, and the legal owner of the SITE is Reference Homes and all rights of use and disposition on the SITE belong to Reference Homes.  


These Terms of Use may be amended by Reference Homes in the event of necessity. In the event of changes, they will be published on the SITE and will take effect from the same date.  


Every person or entity using the services of the SITE and accessing the SITE shall be deemed to accept in advance any changes made by Reference Homes to these terms of use.  


Reference Homes reserves the right to change the information, forms and content contained or to be contained on this SITE at any time.  





SITE: This is an online website that offers various services and content within the scope defined by Reference Homes.  


MEMBER: The person who wants to get the benefits of the Reference Homes in order to acquire the products from Reference Homes, can become a collaborator by filling in the proper and chosen by him/her cooperation form on the website with his/her real identifying information that is approved and accepted by Reference Homes.  

USER: The person who visits the website of Reference Homes with or without purchases.  


LINK: This is a link that provides access to another site, files, content or files and content from another site to the SITE via the SITE.  


CONTENT: All kinds of information, files, pictures, images, programs, figures, prices, etc., published or available on the SITE or any site.  


AGREEMENT ON THE CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE INTERNET SITE: This is an agreement concluded electronically between Reference Homes and the natural or legal persons who will make use of the commercial and personalised services offered through the SITE.  


PERSONAL INFORMATION: The user's identity, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, which sections of the SITE he/she visits, domain type, browser type, date, time of visit, etc., are reported.  





The services provided by Reference Homes via the SITE include, but are not limited to, the delivery of the products offered for sale on www.referencehomes.com by Reference Homes to the customer by the freight company on behalf of Reference Homes without any defects within the promised period in the event that the obligation "delivery of goods contractually entrusted to the seller" can be performed when available in the warehouse of the supplier after payment of the price by the BUYER.  


Reference Homes is completely free to determine the scope and nature of the services it will provide through the website and any changes made to the services will take effect when they are published on the website.  


In order to use the services offered on the SITE, users must meet the technical requirements to be determined by Reference Homes and specified in the content of the relevant section of the SITE. Reference Homes is completely free to define these specifications and any changes it makes to the specifications will be put into effect by their publication on the SITE.  





Reference Homes may link to other websites or content that are not under its control and are owned or operated by third parties. These links are provided for the convenience of USERS and COUNSELERS and do not endorse any website or person who operates that site. This does not constitute a representation or warranty of any kind in relation to the information contained in the linked site. Reference Homes is not responsible for the content of linked websites. Any damages arising from the use of these websites are the sole responsibility of the USERS and COOPERATORS. Reference Homes does not guarantee the security, accuracy or legality of the services and content provided by third parties.  


Users of the WEBSITE may carry out transactions through the WEBSITE only for legitimate and personal purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility of USERS and COOPERATORS in each transaction and action on the WEBSITE belongs to them. Each USER and each member undertakes not to engage in any activity that may infringe the rights of Reference Homes or any other third party. Reference Homes shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties as a result of the activities of USERS and COOPERATORS on the SITE.  


The owner of this SITE is Reference Homes. The information, texts, images, trade marks, slogans and other industrial and intellectual property rights in this SITE as well as the security software, layout and presentation of the SITE are the property of Reference Homes or organizations from which Reference Homes has permission and license. It is prohibited to copy, modify, publish, send, distribute, sell the information in this SITE, as well as any databases, websites, program codes, html codes and other codes etc. associated with the pages of the SITE, products, design, photos, texts, visual, audio and other images, video clips, files, catalogues and lists contained in the content of the SITE in part or in full, and to send, distribute, sell them online or by any other means. The USER and the USER accept and undertake that they will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process the software, hardware or content of the SITE mentioned above and without limitation, and that they will not directly or indirectly compete with Reference Homes either by these actions or by any other means.  


The USER and the COUNCIL shall not resell, process, share, distribute, display or permit anyone else to access or use Reference Homes services, Reference Homes information and Reference Homes copyrighted works. Partial copying, distribution, reproduction, display of the information on this page is for non-commercial personal use only and with the written permission of Reference Homes.  


Reference Homes may use information transmitted to it by USERS and CONSUMERS through the SITE in accordance with the provisions of the "Privacy Policy" and the "Terms of Use of the Site". It may process this information, classify and store it in a database. Reference Homes may also use personal information of the USER and the USER, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, visited sections of the SITE, domain type, browser type, date and time of visit, etc. information for purposes such as statistical evaluation, announcement of campaigns and personalized services. Personal information belonging to USERS and USERS will not be disclosed to legitimate third parties except on request to the authorities authorised by law and in the cases listed below. Personal information is rarely disclosed to third parties acting for or on behalf of Reference Homes, or to persons associated with the business of Reference Homes, in order to better serve the purposes for which the data was originally used or to provide a better service in accordance with the purposes proposed by the USERS and COOPERATORS.  


Reference Homes reserves all rights in Reference Homes, Reference Homes services, Reference Homes information, Reference Homes works of authorship, Reference Homes trademarks, Reference Homes trademarks, Reference Homes trade dress or other assets and information made available through this SITE, unless Reference Homes expressly so permits under these SITE Terms of Use.  





Reference Homes shall not be liable for any direct or consequential damages that may arise from breach of contract, tort or other cause of action as a result of accessing the SITE, using the SITE or the information and other data programs, etc., on the SITE. Reference Homes accepts no liability for any interruption, error, omission, interruption resulting from breach of contract, tort, negligence or other causes of action. By visiting or using this SITE or other sites linked to this SITE, or other sites linked to this SITE, Reference Homes shall be deemed exempt from any liability that may arise from the use/visit and from all damages and claims, including legal and other expenses.  





Reference Homes may transfer this agreement in whole or in part at any time without notice. However, the USER and the CONTRACTOR may not assign this agreement or any part of it to another party. Any such attempted assignment shall be null and void.  





Reference Homes shall not be liable for the late performance or failure to comply with these "Terms and Conditions of Website Use and Membership Agreement" in all cases deemed to be force majeure. Such circumstances shall not be construed as delay or default or non-performance on the part of Reference Homes and Reference Homes shall not be liable for any compensation in connection with such circumstances.  





Disputes arising in connection with these "Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement" shall be governed by Turkish law and the decision of the competent court and enforcement authorities shall be determined in accordance with the laws of applicable law. Reference Homes reserves the right to bring an action in the court in the country where the USER and the COUNTY are located.  





These "Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement" shall be effective from the date of their announcement by Reference Homes in the contents of the SITE. USERS and COUNSELERS accept the provisions of this agreement by using the SITE. Reference Homes may change the provisions of this agreement at any time, the changes will be posted on the SITE indicating the version number and date of change and will take effect from the same date.