Shopping in Antalya

Shopping is an integral part of our life, and Turkey is a shopping area where you can find not only luxury brands , but also beautiful jewelry and much more. Besides, the sea and relaxing on the beach you can visit the Local Bazaars, colorful streets of the "Old Town",...

Winter Holidays In Antalya

The sea in Turkey is cold in winter, but this will not affect the quality of the holiday.The New Year weather in Antalya is a real treat for anyone who is tired of frost and winds. The Mediterranean climate makes for mild winter weather. Winter Turkey offers visitors a host...

Weather and Rest in Antalya in November.

You can enjoy the sea in November in Antalya, even air temperature is 22-24 degrees, and the sea water temperature is 23.5 degrees,

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship: Why and Advantages

One of the most popular ways to take citizenship by investing in Turkey is to purchase real estate (residential, commercial, land) worth 400 thousand USD.

Things to know about the new Real Estate Law

It was decided to introduce new rules in the real estate market. According to the adopted bill, now not everyone can be a real estate agent. To enter the real estate sector, it will be necessary to fulfill certain conditions and confirm these conditions with official documents.

The Best Restaurants In Antalya

Antalya is a city that is visited by a lot of tourists due to its location. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of elite and luxury restaurants in Antalya. These restaurants are visited by hundreds of local and foreign people every year.

Places to Visit in Antalya

Antalya is the fifth most populous city in Turkey. It is also known as " the capital of tourism". There are beautiful places to visit in Antalya, both historical and touristic.

6 Reasons to Choose Reference Homes Real Estate Company

Reference Homes company is a company structure that is forward-looking and has big goals in the real estate sector. Everyone who works at Reference Homes company is an expert, reliable and professional person in their field. It is a staff that knows what it wants and how it should behave,...

Important Strategies to Build Client Loyalty in Real Estate Sales

Customer loyalty is one of the most important elements of the real estate industry. If there is a real sense of trust between a customer and a seller, this loyalty decays back to the existing company as a source of income.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent?

In recent years, increasing real estate investment rates have also revived the real estate consultancy service. Nowadays, many people are now aiming to make a new career in this sector by getting an education in the field of real estate.

Points to consider when selling real estate to foreigners

Turkey has been among the countries that have received the most tourists in recent years. The number of foreign tourists who want to buy real estate in Turkey is increasing day by day. It is of great importance to pay attention to certain issues when selling real estate to foreigners.

7 reasons to pack up and move to Antalya

Antalya; Its stone soil is as valuable as gold and is considered the most preferred holiday city by everyone. Most people decide to settle permanently in this city after visiting Antalya due to the climate of the city. You can learn about this city from our article "7 Reasons to...