Expenses of Title Deed( Tapu)


What is the Title Deed Fee?

Title Deed Fee is a type of tax that is paid to the state, both by the buyer and the seller during the sale of real estate.

How Is Property Tax Calculated?

When transferring and acquiring immovable property, the fee is calculated at the declared transfer and acquisition price, but not less than the amount of immovable property tax. It is calculated at the rate of 20 per thousand (2%) of the declared selling price of the respective real estate and is paid separately by both the buyer and the seller. In other words, in the case of transfer or acquisition of real estate, the buyer pays 20 per thousand, and the seller 20 per thousand, for a total of 40 per thousand. For example, for a house sold for 100,000 TL, the buyer will pay 2,000 TL and the seller pays 2,000 TL, a total of 4,000 TL will be paid on tapu.

Notarized Translation of Passport

• Notarized translation of a document confirming the address for opening a bank account,
• Sworn translator,
• Power of attorney (optional),
• Obtaining a tax number,
• Photos,
• Cadastral tax (land cadastre fee)

Who Pays the Tax for Tapu?

 It is paid separately by both the buyer and the seller.

What is the Real Estate Commission?

  In accordance with the Real Estate Regulation, 2 percent is charged from the sale of the owner of the house, and 2 percent from the buyer, up to 4% (excluding VAT), if it is on a rental basis, then the cost is charged, which is a maximum of one rent. However, Reference Homes Real Estate does not charge real estate commissions from its clients.

Where is the Fee Paid? 

While the transfer process can be done at the tax office of the place to which it is attached, it can also be paid at banks with which the relevant land registry office has an agreement. The amount to be paid and bank details for payment are communicated to the buyer and seller via a short message from the Land Registry Office. In addition, when transactions are made from offices providing e-collection services, these fees can also be paid via the Internet. To do this, you can log into the e-government system and make a tapu request for debt.

What are the Costs of Transferring a Title Deed?

 The highest value in the transfer costs is the transfer fee. It is calculated at a rate of 2% of the sale price of real estate separately for the buyer and seller. In addition to the cost of the title deed, a working capital fee is also charged during the transfer process.

How much are Cadastral Expenses?

For 2022; The working capital fee of TL 487 is charged by the Cadastral Office.

How much is the Circulating Capital Fee?

 Although it varies depending on the location of the property, it is usually around 1000 - 3000 TL.