Persons wishing to obtain citizenship through the purchase of real estate are invited to apply to the General Directorate of Land Registration and Cadastre after purchasing real estate worth at least $400.000 and obtaining a request for Turkish citizenship. The value of the property is documented in the Property Valuation Report and sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. After approval by the Ministry, the General Directorate of Land Registration and Cadastre puts an annotation on the impossibility of selling within three years upon request of the Ministry. The application for citizenship is then sent to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship, and the final stage of the application process is reached. After this, the procedures at the Population Directorate are completed and you are entitled to an identity document of the Republic of Turkey.

In recent years, cases of obtaining citizenship in Turkey through the acquisition of real estate have been on the rise. Foreigners wishing to exercise this right need to obtain support in matters such as obtaining a tax registration number, opening a bank account in Turkey, finding a property, buying a property and concluding a contract.For people who can cope with this, it becomes possible to obtain citizenship by buying a property.


1) Obtaining A Tax Registration Number

You will need to obtain a tax registration number from the Tax Authorities in Turkey. You will need your original passport and photo for this process. This is the first step for those who want to obtain citizenship by buying a property.

2) Open a Bank Account In Turkey

Foreigners who want citizenship by purchasing real estate must first open a bank account. In this way, a person can document the purchase transactions. For this, an original passport and tax number are required.

3) Property Search

One or more properties with a minimum value of $400,000. Choose a property whose title deeds are ready, completed or nearly completed.

4) Acquisition Of Property & Contract

Once you find a property that has a value of $400,000, you purchase it. Contract of Sale is executed at the notary and the property is subject to a 3 year non-sale clause. Once these procedures are completed, persons wishing to obtain citizenship with the purchase of the property can apply for the right to Turkish citizenship.