Property Purchasing Stages in Turkey          

We have compiled the Stages of Buying Property in Turkey, which consists of 3 stages in total.




A) Purchase Preparations        


1) Create Your Wishes

     •What is your purchase purpose?
     •What are the features you are looking for?
     •What is your budget?

2) Arrival in Turkey

   •Visit Turkey,
   • Witness the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey more closely.

3) We Will Offer The Best Options For You From Our Rich Portfolio List

     • We will send you 3 or 4 real estates that best suit your wishes and needs.
     • Go on a discovery tour with our expert sales staff.

4) Review Terms

      • Sales conditions,
      • Payment plans.




B) Purchasing          


1) Deposit Payment

     • When you pay the down payment, the real estate you choose is reserved for you and the price is fixed.

2) Sign a Contract

      • You have purchased the real estate shown to you,
      • The seller is a true and real person,
      • There is no debt or mortgage on the property,
      • Make sure that the agreed terms are written on the contract.

3) Get Your Tax Number

      • Apply with your passport to get your tax number.

4) Open a Bank Account

Required documents for non-Turkish Citizens:

       • Colored passport copy,
       • Passport translation,
       • Copy of electricity and water bill translation so we can verify your address in your country.

5) Get Appraisal Report

        • An appraisal report is mandatory in order to learn the real value of the real estate.

6) Execute Document Transfer

        • Submit an application to the cadastral chamber.
        • Pay taxes.
        • Sign the transfer deed.




C) After Sales Services       


1) Home Decoration

          • We provide interior design services after purchasing your home.
          • We help your home look more stylish.

2) Furniture Tour

        • We help you furnish your house according to your budget.
        • We are here for you to reach quality products at affordable prices.

3) Housing Insurance

          • Let's protect you from negative events such as fire, explosion, theft, flood, storm, flood, etc. that will harm you materially and morally while you are away from your home.
          • TCIP (Natural Catastrophe Insurance Institution) is compulsory earthquake insurance. Without this insurance, you may not be able to get electricity or subscription for a residence in Turkey. TCIP also covers earthquake risks.

4) Subscriptions

          • After purchasing your dream house, we are with you to open your subscriptions such as electricity, water, natural gas and internet. In addition, if you give us a power of attorney, we can perform all your subscription transactions on your behalf. For subscription transactions, you must first have a TCIP (Earthquake and Natural Disaster Insurance Institution) policy.

5) Property Sale

         • We are with you not only when you buy your house, but also when you sell it. If you want to sell your home for any reason, you can contact us.

6) Rental Property Management

        • Reference Homes offers professional solutions in the management of your investments with its expert staff.

                                         •Key Storage,
                                         •Cleaning Service,
                                         •Property Maintenance,
                                         •Professional Photo Shooting,
                                         • Presentation, Marketing and Listing,
                                         • 24/7 Support,
                                         •We assist in Price Optimization.



How to Buy a House in Turkey?

Buying a home abroad can be a frustrating experience, especially given factors such as the foreign language, new laws, and the overseas real estate market. However, buying a house in Turkey is easy because all the companies available are certified and reliable. The most important thing is to carefully collect information and correctly draw up documents.

The best factor in buying property in Turkey is that you do not need to have a residence permit (Residence Permit), you get it for a period of one year after purchase. If your investment exceeds $400.00 and you do not sell it within three years, you are eligible for Turkish citizenship.



We need to know exactly what you want.

Your budget, needs, rental income, vacation home, etc. you must consider in detail the lifestyle you desire. For example, houses in Kas or Belek are much more expensive than in areas like Aksu and Konyaalti, where they have been developed at a rapid pace in recent years for a higher lifestyle and wealthier people.


To be sure that a property has the right to be called a home and can be bought, it must meet these three conditions:

  • Must have an act.
  • Requires a building permit (zoning).
  • Must have a residence permit, that is, that is, must be iskan.

An iskan is a document that shows whether a property has been built in accordance with earthquake standards and regulations. Find the word Kat mülkiyeti (a sign of registration of an apartment in a housing stock) in the document confirming the ownership (Tapu), which means “condominium”. If you see an inscription with the word Kat İrtifakı (pre-registration in the housing stock), then know that the building is not yet residential, you cannot move in there and it will be useful to focus on these issues.

In cases where you cannot confirm that the property you have selected does not have all three of these, we encourage you to consider alternative properties.

The best way to check these situations is to contact the Land Registry.


What Documents Do You Need?

If you are buying property on your own and not using a lawyer, you must have a tax identification number.

How Do You Apply for a Taxpayer Identification Number?

You must have a tax identification number before you try to buy property or obtain a residence permit in Turkey. You will need this number for official employment, opening a business, enrolling in universities in the country. First you need to go to the site, then click on the link "Potential tax identification number for foreigners" and fill out the form that appears, then the system will issue you a tax number. Then you need to open a bank account. You will also need a sworn translator at the time of signing at the notary. In addition to notarized translations of your passports, you will be required to provide four biometric photographs.

If you do not want to deal with this paper-based process, you can proceed with your transactions by issuing a power of attorney to a lawyer or real estate consulting firm to advance the sale process. You can contact us if you would like to know more information about what taxes you have to pay and get more advice on the buying process.