Weather and Climate

          Enjoy Antalya where 4 seasons are felt at the same time. Even in winter, you can go out in a T-shirt with short sleeves. Antalya impresses many expats when they choose a new country to move to, offering the best climate throughout the year.


                                                                                                              Turkish Riviera

          The outdoor lifestyle continues in the world of sailing. Antalya belongs to the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast, and the area attracts international yachts and traditional Turkish boats during the sailing season from May to October.


                                                                                                             Best Beaches in Turkey

          Everyone loves the marine environment. The scent of the sea, calm bathing water and sand between your fingers. The best beaches rated by Trip Advisor users are what makes Antalya stand out. Famous golden beaches that receive thousands of visitors every year are Cleopatra, Konyaalti and Kaputas. Lara Beach is also known for its Las Vegas style, all-inclusive hotels, and beach festival.




                                                                                             Belek: The Golf Capital of Turkey

          Some of the immigrants living here either temporarily or permanently choose to pursue hobbies that make Belek stand out as the golf capital of Turkey. The expats, who often buy villas, are at the forefront of the world's best golf courses, which have hosted the likes of Tiger Woods and national championships with millionaire prizes. Off the field, they enjoy a lively nightlife with typical al fresco dining.



                                                                                                Places of Natural Beauty

          For expats, beautiful places are an important factor when choosing a place to live abroad. With the Taurus Mountains behind and the Mediterranean Sea ahead, Antalya boasts of its waterfalls, breathtaking forests and high mountain scenery and mountain lifestyle. Some prefer rafting in the Koprulu Canyon, others take a walk along the Lycian road, which is the starting point of Antalya. Antalya is easy to settle in as the natural beauties of nature give you peace of mind.


                                                                                 Minimal Culture Shock

For any foreign citizen, moving abroad also presents certain difficulties that must be overcome. Culture shock is one of them. However, thanks to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Antalya, it is very easy to get used to it. English-speaking Turks help to overcome the language barrier. While you can find traditional Turkey in some areas, a look at street brands and international restaurants shows that expat life in Antalya is a new chance to make new friends around the world.


                                                                              Living Expenses and Budget Management

          Living in Turkey for foreigners requires careful budget management as they have to give up their currency and use the Turkish lira. The exchange rate is currently proving in their favor as the lira provides more value than ever before. In addition, the cost of living is lower than in many other countries, and many foreigners put their savings into savings accounts with high interest rates. They receive interest every month after taxes, so they never touch their net worth. So, living in Turkey is good for your bank account.


                                                                                                  Historical Nostalgia

          We all like to accept modern life, but we also know our historical past. Although Antalya is a thriving place in Turkey, its heritage is evident in the old city and numerous ancient ruins and archaeological sites. While traces of the Romans can be seen in old mosques and traditional houses in places like the Ottoman Empire and Aspendos, the tombs shed light on Lycia's history. Any good travel guide will confirm if exploring historical sites is your passion; Antalya offers 100% or more.




                                                                                                                 Property Prices

         Some foreigners rent property while most buy property due to the low price index. In addition, when moving, foreigners can choose from a large portfolio of externally built, under construction and resale apartments and villas. Turkey has also tightened up the home buying process for foreigners, making it faster and safer.


                                                                                   Antalya International Airport and Transportation

           Any foreigner loves the convenience of traveling to their home country when they miss their friends and family. Antalya does this thanks to its state-of-the-art, award-winning airport. Since Turkey is the number one tourist air travel hub, cheap flights to and from other countries are available throughout the year. Getting here is also easy due to its location on the main D400 highway running from east to west of Turkey and the many ports of entry to Antalya if you are arriving by sea.


                                                                                           International Schools in Antalya

-International Primary School Classic M (Alanya)
-International High School Classics M (Alanya)
-International School of Tourism in Antalya (Konyaalti)
-International School of Tourism in Antalya (multinational) (Konyaalti)
-US International High School (Konyaalti)
-International School Antalya Kazanym (Muratpasha)
-International Moscow School (Muratpasha)
-International Moscow Primary School (Muratpasha)
-Moscow International Secondary School (Muratpasha)