-Furniture and Decoration Trip

After real estate purchase and sale transactions, we welcome you to our showrooms. Top quality premium products at the best prices
We carry out installation work in your new home.


- Open a Bank Account

We provide the processes of opening and activating your account to make payments in the fastest and safest way with our professional staff from banks in Turkey.


- Obtaining a Tax Number

Taxpayer Identification Number is required by law in real estate purchase transactions
Reference Homes provide advice, in the form of professional staff, during the application process.
We also give you the opportunity to get a tax number through our service.

- Home Insurance

Our experienced staff offers you the best and most profitable insurance companies with the guarantee of the most affordable price.
We protect your real estate investment.


- Property Rental Management

Realtors take the steps to rent your property in the most profitable way.
Prepare and submit all documents to official institutions on your behalf.
Our team provides you with information at every stage of the process.


- Legal Support

When buying a property, we review your legal processes against current legislation and procedures with our experienced contracted lawyers.
We move forward with you accordingly.

- Property Valuation

Real estate appraisal report in purchase and sale transactions for foreign citizens is prepared by professional companies in the shortest possible time.


- Subscription Transactions

Once your property purchase transactions are complete, Reference Homes supports you through the application and connection steps for natural gas, electricity, water, internet and other subscription needs.


- Transactions For the Transfer of Documents

In order for all transactions before and after the notarial deed to be completed in full,
Our experienced team informs and guides you in the most accurate way.


- Home Design

To achieve maximum comfort in your new home with trendy interior design designs,
 We offer you the services of an interior designer.